My name's Alyssa Nodorft (that's no-dorf ), nice to meet you.
Design has been my passion ever since I installed Photofiltre when I was twelve to make myself the
coolest MySpace avatar in the sixth grade class. Ten years later and MySpace is far gone, but my eye
for good design remains
(and has improved significantly from 2009).
I also love painting (and all crafting in general), pugs (they run in the family), and astronomy
(in which people ask me about their astrological signs.
But I'm a sucker for a good horoscope, too).
I'm living on limitless ambition, late night bowls of cereal and the state motto of New York.
Download my resume here.                                                                                                 ↳ see also:
                                                                                                                                                     "excelsior" — noun
Currently listening to: Mushroom Chocolate – QUIN ft. 6LACK                                               1. ever upward & onward
Currently watching: Westworld